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"Uban2.com is a rapidly growing community full of people looking to socially network for business! "

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Short Story...get an account, get a banner embed for your site. I'll show yours if you show mine.

Full story....

Uban2 is a service where friends help friends advertise their business. And we do it with Banner Ads.

At UBan2, you are supposed to advertise your business. That is what sets us appart from the other so called "networking" sites. We actually allow you to network for money.

Are we crazy?

No, at least we don't think so. We have developed a pretty good honor system. Basically, you get a website that gets web traffic right? OK, if you don't have a site, then go to MySocal.com and get a free setup. OK, now that you have a site with web traffic, well, you need to take advantage and get some ads up that will actually benefit you.

If you are a web publisher/master, then there is a dirty little secret that the ad companies don't want you to know.

Most of the time, you are working for free. Yep, working hard to get those impressions up on your site and for what? To hope that someone will click or buy...and that the merchant will actually pay you.

Uban2.com is different. We are an Advertising Co-Op. We help each other get our messages out.

How does it work?

Well, you show ads on your site and get credit. Then when someone is looking at another site, they will see your ad in return for those credits. All you have to do to get credits is have your existing customers go use your site. Then, your ad will get played automatically on another site in your area. Just by having your existing customers looking at your site, you will get more customer referalls.

It doesn't get any better than that!

Oh yes it does! Because if there is a profit made off of an image that is displayed on your site, then we will engage in a revenue sharing process.


  • 1. Get a Free Site at MySocal.com
  • 2. Get a Banner Ad Campaign at Uban2.com
  • 3. Create/Join moderated "Groups" around your business interests and get your banner pre-approved.
  • 4. Have a party with the profits at PartyKarma.com

    To start using Uban2 immediately, click the Join Now button, provide some basic information and start connecting.

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